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Based on my experiences with past clients, I have found that an individual session just gives a taste of what Transformational Coaching has to offer.

To really make progress, develop, and explore the possibilities, it is necessary to commit to a number of sessions.



Group of
Six Sessions


Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching is a partnership of two people or more. The person being coached brings thoughts and ideas to the table and together the situation is opened up and looked at from many different angles.  The coach is a thinking partner to assist the person being coached have a greater understanding of how things are.

Anyone can hire a coach.  It is a partnership of minds so everyone can benefit.  My clients are men and women who are looking for support and clarity moving forward in their lives.

Coaching is different from therapy although some say it is a type of therapy. I would say it is a forward thinking therapy, not dwelling too much in the past and thriving for a better future.

I work with individual who need clarity with their situation.  I work with people who believe they can help themselves they just don’t know where to begin.

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