Neurodiversity to Neurodynamic

Whether you've been recently diagnosed or you've know you function differently for years diagnosis is the start of the understanding.
Establishing a health relationship with your diagnosis is the key to a happy, fulfilling life at home and in the workplace. Gaining the ability to understand your Saboteurs with Positive Intelligence is a gift to freeing yourself from you own restrictive thoughts. Enjoy your Neurodiversity and master your power. Neurodiversity to Neurodynamic

Neuro Divergent individuals often find themselves overthinking and overreacting to their weaknesses, often masking their reactions, mistakes and mostly their true feelings for a situation as apposed to really connecting with who they are and gaining the ability to convert this to being proud of their strengths and using them positively.

I have worked with many people who find the joy in what they do and master their inner voice to grow in the direction they deserve.  

The workplace can be a fearful nightmare and often a threatening place to be or due to the recent years of Covid you find yourself backing away from the office and hiding away at home.  Learning to identify and work with our abilities through explorative mind expanding conversation can work towards the direction you want to be going and finding achievable goals.

Whether you have had a recent diagnosis or perhaps you have known for many years coming to terms with being different can be daunting in today’s world.  The world is changing but perhaps not as fast and as welcoming as we would like.

I watched ‘The playlist’ on Netflix and enjoyed seeing how Neurodiversity shone through the growth of Spotify like a shining star but it wasn’t always straight forward.

Learning to work with our strengths and develop our skill is really the key to a successful personal and professional life.

I work with individuals who are able to see they are different. However they are unable to see and appreciate their skills, talents and pathways.  Often believing they are unworthy, can’t allow themselves to reach for success, become risk adverse and lose energy easily.

This journey for you is to discover what doors lay unopened and what opportunities are possible.

Neurodiversity  has given us challenges – but hey we can use these learnt skills to our advantage – who said being different is bad…..its just different? Learn to connect with yourself in a better way. Sometimes it’s not about fitting in it’s about being there, standing strong and being able to offer something fresh, alternative and exciting.

I am able to offer a six week course to address these elements

Focusing on

  1. Building Mental Fitness and Awareness
  2. Focusing the mind and clarity on direction
  3. Highlighting strengths and weaknesses. Understanding our saboteurs.
  4. Exploring triggers and emotions connected to these Saboteurs and lean in to counterbalance them.
  5. Exploring self doubt and behaviour patterns
  6. Attaining resilence, boosting self confidence and the path beyond

You may want fund this course yourself but you may also want to ask if there are Coaching Budgets within the organisation you work.

Please call me for a chat so I can explain in more detail.

Are you aware of your Saboteurs and how they talk to you?

  • Lack the self belief 
  • Corrupt your day
  • Challenge your relationships
  • Drive you forward excessively to a point of exhaustion 
  • Fog your mind
  • Making you believe you are not worthy
  • Lowing your mood
  • Overwhelming to a point of procrastination
  • Unable to face up to the simplest things
  • Fear of large meetings and presentations
  • Difficulty with emotional regulation
  • Awkward in some social situations

These characteristics are seen in many types of Neurodivergent people so if these relate to you please feel free to reach out and discuss how we can take this forward.

Your mind is like a garden

If you imagine your mind is like a garden. You can cultivate whatever you like in this world. You can develop what you feel is important and let go of what you do not need. You may have to change your perspective to view it from different angle to get the full benefit and a different result. This is yours and you can maintain it the way you feel it needs to kept. It will require regular attention in terms of weeding and sorting in the aim for new growth to flourish. It is your choice to create the balance that works for you.

- Juliet Most, Certified Transformational Coach

Challenge yourself to a new beginning -

Taking a big step like this takes courage and curiosity. Please give me a call so I can explain further what I do and if I can help you



- London

Juliet was incredibly accommodating and professional but very warm in nature. After a recent ADHD diagnosis I felt a bit overwhelmed and sought some coaching. Juliet made me recognise my strengths and made me feel very capable again. She also contacted me out of sessions with interesting thoughts or articles, which showed she genuinely cared and wanted me to grab life again. I also learnt some tips to catch myself in negative thinking and to trust myself more”


- London

I began working with Juliet because I felt I was plateauing in some aspects of my career development. As a dyspraxic person, I had worked very hard to develop strategies to overcome some of the challenges associated with having this lifelong condition within a professional workplace. After a promotion, I began receiving challenging feedback at work and was struggling to understand what I needed to do in order to address these and continue my development.

Juliet’s coaching helped me to understand how my emotions were affecting my wellbeing and performance at work. She helped me develop a toolkit of strategies to help me manage and regulate my emotions at work. Previously in my career, I conceived of emotional intelligence and soft skills as relating to how I read and respond to other people’s emotions. Juliet has helped me to understand that it is also about how I understand and regulate my own emotions.

I liked that Juliet created an environment in which I could share openly and be completely transparent about my challenges. As well as helping develop strategies to address my challenges and weaknesses, she also guided me to remember my strengths, built my self-confidence and served as both a coach and a mentor.


‘Before my first coaching session with Juliet I was feeling lost in my career and wasn’t sure how to move forward. Through our regular sessions she helped me to understand what I enjoy doing and how to get the best out of my current role. We spent a lot of time working on finding the confidence for me to be bolder in meetings, which has made a huge difference to me. I always looked forward to our sessions as a great opportunity for me to reflect and refocus. Juliet is very approachable and asks thought provoking questions, I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a career coach.’


What is stopping you from getting where you want to be?

Based on my experiences with past clients, I have found that an individual session just gives a taste of what Transformational Coaching has to offer.

To really make progress, develop, and explore the possibilities, it is necessary to commit to a number of sessions.

Please feel free to call me so I can understand your needs and see if we can work together.

+44 7788628772

Part of my commitment to being a coach I am able to offer some pro-bono sessions.  If you feel you would qualify please reach out to me and explain your situation.


£ 65

Group of
Six Sessions

£ 360
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