Do you want to unleash you gift of Dyslexia? Unlock that potential by understanding your superpowers. Become a highly functioning dyslexic

Helping executives work with Dyslexia and not against it. Learn to unlock your true potential in the workplace and accelerate personal and professional development.

Now you know it’s Dyslexia…… let’s connect the dots and grow your strengths.

Perhaps it’s not what you thought but your approach to this gift?

I work with individuals who are able to see they are different. However they are unable to see and appreciate their skills, talents and pathways.  Often believing they are unworthy, can’t allow themselves to reach for success, become risk adverse and lose energy easily.

This journey for you is to discover what doors lay unopened and what opportunities are possible.

Dyslexia has given us challenges – but hey we can use these learnt skills to our advantage – who said being different is bad? Learn to connect with yourself in a different way. Sometimes it’s not about fitting in it’s about being there, standing strong and being able to offer something fresh, alternative and exciting.

I am able to offer a six week course to address these elements

Focusing on

  1. Building Awareness
  2. Focusing the mind and clarity on direction
  3. Highlighting strengths and weaknesses
  4. Exploring triggers and emotions
  5. Exploring self doubt and behaviour patterns
  6. Attaining resilence, boosting self confidence and the path beyond

You may not want to disclosure to your employers you just want dyslexia to become a great part of you.

So you are passionate about being successful in your workplace and in your personal life but you just keep falling down.

  • Lack the self belief 
  • Poor executive functioning
  • Struggling with the corporate identity
  • Difficulty focusing especially when under pressure even when you know you are clear in your mind beforehand
  • You have a fear of being in the spotlight
  • You are seen as being disorganised
  • Difficulty expressing your emotion
  • Overwhelmed at times by the written word
  • Frustrated when you are the only person who sees a problem clearly. 
  • Fear of large meetings and presentations
  • Difficulty with emotional regulation
  • Awkward in some social situations

These characteristics are seen in many types of Neurodivergent people so if these relate to you please feel free to reach out and discuss how we can take this forward.

Your mind is like a garden

If you imagine your mind is like a garden. You can cultivate whatever you like in this world. You can develop what you feel is important and let go of what you do not need. You may have to change your perspective to view it from different angle to get the full benefit and a different result. This is yours and you can maintain it the way you feel it needs to kept. It will require regular attention in terms of weeding and sorting in the aim for new growth to flourish. It is your choice to create the balance that works for you.

- Juliet Most, Certified Transformational Coach

Challenge yourself to a new beginning -

Taking a big step like this takes courage and curiosity. Please give me a call so I can explain further what I do and if I can help you



- London

I have been fortunate enough to have been coached by Juliet for the past 5 months and she has provided me with the direction and the discipline needed to tackle my current life stage transition.

Juliet provides you with a safe space to reflect and explore the complexities in your life. I was truly lost; my thoughts, plans and goals were confused and trapped in my head. With time, patience and reassurance, Juliet has helped me to prioritise, redefine and actualise the vision that I have for my life. Her warmth and support helped transform my mindset and I feel incredibly motivated and optimistic about my future.

Thank you, Juliet. 


- London

Juliet offers a friendly, versatile life coaching service. She is equally skilled and supportive during a ranting unloading or in helping to dig deep to something that is hidden beyond immediate grasp. I felt supported and safe during our sessions and not pressurised. Whatever is bothering you, Juliet can help.


- London

Juliet has provided such a safe space to be open, to explore, to reflect progressively. Our sessions bring such clarity whether I leave knowing I’ve got to shift my ass into gear, or whether I need to take a break and be kinder to myself. It’s very wholesome. I thank you very much Juliet you’ve been a wonderful gift to my recent years.


What is stopping you from getting where you want to be?

Based on my experiences with past clients, I have found that an individual session just gives a taste of what Transformational Coaching has to offer.

To really make progress, develop, and explore the possibilities, it is necessary to commit to a number of sessions.

Please feel free to call me so I can understand your needs and see if we can work together.

+44 7788628772

Part of my commitment to being a coach I am able to offer some pro-bono sessions.  If you feel you would qualify please reach out to me and explain your situation.


£ 65

Group of
Six Sessions

£ 360
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